Sarah Brown

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Real Name:
Sarah Joy Brown
Actress (Plays Carly Benson on TV's General Hospital)
February 18, 1975
Birth Place:
Eureka, California
Aquarius/Pisces Baby
Contact Address:
Sarah Brown Fan Club
General Hospital
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

stars Hope you enjoy my page
Here is my shrine to Sarah Brown. On this page you can find pictures, Links to other General Hospital Pages, A Bio of Sarah Brown, and Humur and Jokes about Sarah Brown's character Carly Benson.

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Photo Gallery
Links to other General Hospital Pages
Sarah Brown Biography (short)
Humur and Jokes
stars Sarah's Likes and Dislikes

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie: The Godfather 1 & 2
Favorite TV show: Married with Children
Favorite Foods: Italian & Middle Eastern
Least Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Comfort Food: "Chubby Hubby" Ice Cream
Favorite Item of Clothing: Jeans
What she dislikes about herslef: Her nose

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